1401 E. Powell Street, Henderson, KY     (270) 577-9807

The Dance Hall
1401 Powell Street Henderson, KY
(270) 577-9807


Evansville Area
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The Dance Hall can be provide a perfect gathering place for your own private dance party or private lessons.  For more info, call The Dance Hall at 270-577-9807.


Friday, August 29th

7:00 11:00 pm

East Coast, West Coast, Cha & More

With a few line dances for the ladies on the side!


Admission just $7 per person at the door


Doors open @ 7 pm


Music will be Djd for nonstop dancing.

Request music will be played all night.


Eagles 427

6000 Old Booneville Hwy

Evansville, Ind


For more info call 270-577-9807


For more info call (270) 577-9807 or like
The Dance Hall on Facebook

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